Manchester United has a point to a possible deal with Ken Red Devil

Manchester Harry Caine a former manager of Tottenham commented that there is a possibility that Harry Kane moves out of the army Spurs to seek success in the football team. Manchester United Football Club Rivals English Premier League Football or Real Madrid of La Liga, Spain in the summer football market in 2021.

Previously, the captain of the England national team had publicly revealed that he has the ambition to win a major football championship. If Spurs are unable to respond to their needs, he is ready to look for alternatives.

Redknapp believes Ken’s farewell to Spurs in the future, as was the case with Kyle Walker and Christian Erik Zen. former

I believe it is always possible said Redknapp in an interview. “Of course, I want to keep him on the team, but they have to win the Spurs for the championship trophy for a long time and the only possibility is at this time. Football Cup only.

 I do not see the opportunity to step up to challenge in the Premier League, they are not as good as 2-3 years ago, of course. Before that, I used to think that the previous team had the potential to win the top league when there were players like Kyle Walker, Danny Rose and Christian Erik Zen, but now the team is far from Such standards, especially for Liverpool and Manchester City.

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